Jon Windley
CEO & Head Of CX Strategy

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I have 27 years experience in the fields of Business Customer Experience (CX) and Process Management (Six Sigma), with a singular passion for helping companies understand and optimize their customers' experience.

I began my career with major consulting firms (Ernst & Young, Booz, Allen &Hamilton), then shifted to the telecommunications industry (MCI, LCI, Qwest) as leader of a variety of large operational and program management teams.  I transitioned for a number of years to co-lead a process consulting firm, then joined Savvis Communications to create an award-winning corporate CX program.  I concluded my executive years in telecom, spending two years creating and leading CenturyLink Business CX program. 

In 2015, I founded AltitudeCX, a Denver-based CX consulting firm with a unique focus -- in addition to providing overall strategic guidance to companies, we have launched a truly innovative capability, CX as a service.  In other words, we are able to allow our customers to completely outsource ALL aspects of their CX program.  Our customers win in a variety of ways -- we provide expert program execution, speed to market for CX deployment, and significant cost savings from the start.